Wooden Bins – wooden boxes for potatoes, onions and carrots.


Do you want to know how vegetable storage boxes are made?

Inter Agra producer of box containers presents a video in which you can find many details about the production of box containers for potato and other vegetables storage.

Vegetable crates are made of the highest quality wood from Northern European forests. Carefully selected and selected raw materials ensure a solid construction and, when used correctly, the service life of wooden pallet boxes is over fifteen years. Thanks to the even space between the boards, the vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots) stored in our pallet boxes have adequate air circulation, which optimizes storage costs.

The preparation of wood for the production of box pallets is ensured by modern machines that allow wood processing in an automated manner. The boards used for production are planed on four sides, square beams rounded to prevent damage to vegetables.

wooden boxes wooden bins for potato onion and carrot boxes for vegetables

The assembly of the pallet boxes is done using a modern automatic production line.

Wooden box Wooden bins Wooden containers

The use of this solution allows you to exclude many manufacturing errors so that every box-pallet is exactly the same as the previous one.
The wood has good hygroscopic properties and the excess moisture does not condense on the surfaces of the boards as it is the case with pallets made of another material.

Unlike other materials, wood ensures easy repair of damaged box pallets. In the event of damage, the box can be easily repaired, and in the event of damage caused during transport, damaged boards can be easily replaced.
By buying box pallets at Inter Agra you can be sure that they are made in accordance with the phytosanitary requirements of the European Union. We have an IPPC certificate and all our suppliers have PEFC certificates (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes – Approval Program for Forest Certification Systems)

Types of wooden boxes for potato and vegetable storages:
skrzyniopalety na warzywa
Wooden Boxes NL Standard

The most popular type of wooden boxes, for standard ventilation systems and traditional storage rooms.

drewniane skrzynie do przechowalni warzyw i owoców
Wooden Boxes NL Airbag

Boxes designed for special systems with forced ventilation:

skrzyniopalety do przechowalni warzyw z wymuszoną wentylacją
Wooden Boxes NL Forced

Boxes designed for special ventilation systems with forced air circulation drawer systems

palox pommes de terre 3
Type Z Wooden Box - French Type

Standard gravitational ventilation systems, storage rooms with forced air circulation.

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