Wooden Boxes NL – Forced Ventilation System

Dimensions and capacity

Dimension Capacity
Other dimensions and capacities available on the customer’s request.
1600x1200x1230 mm 1,9 m3 – 1200 kg
1800x1200x1230 mm 2,1 m3 – 1400 kg
1200x1200x1200 mm 1,3 m3 – 850 kg


  • Robust and proven construction
  • Spruce wood, dried to a 15%
  • Moisture content nailed with ring-shank nails and glued with special PVCA glue
  • All metal parts (nails, screws, fittings) galvanized
  • Printed black rectangle for placing notes
  • Possibility to print your company logo on the wooden box
  • Possibility of production in different sizes and with IPPC certification
  • Estimated life span: 15 years and more
  • Wooden boxes are certified to export to other continents possibility of sending dismantled crates


Wooden boxes for special ventilation systems with forced air circulation, so-called drawer systems:


Potato box, Wooden bins, Wooden boxes, Wooden Crates for potatoes, carrots, onion

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