Onze kwaliteit

  • Het hout van de hoogste kwaliteit

    Carefully adjusted and selected raw materials for the construction of wooden boxes.

  • Afkantingen op 5 onderplaten van hardhout

    Chamfers in hardwood reduce damages.

  • Træet i højeste kvalitet

    The best wood material, coming from the best forests of Northern Europe.

  • Drogen en verwerken op moderne machines

    All the boards are planed and have rounded edges.

  • Extra versterking

    Special waterproof glue to increase the stiffness and durability of the wooden boxes.

  • Nauwkeurige en nauwkeurige montage

    Accurate and precise assembly system for individual components.

  • Robuuste constructie

    Bearing capacity test: 14 Ton!

  • Zeer goede luchtcirculatie

    All breaks at the same level, very good air circulation.

  • Randen snijden onder een hoek van 45 graden

    Edges of wooden boxes cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Lange Levensduur

    Lifespan of 15 or more years with proper use.

  • Herhaalbaarheid van de constructie

    Each wooden box is exactly the same as the previous one.

  • Individuele bedrukking

    The possibility of printing the logo of your company or farm.

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